Which Social Media Platform is Best for SEO in 2022?

Where Is Facebook’s Home Page Heading To?

If you’re an avid Facebook user and marketing professional, you’ve probably noticed a fundamental shift over the past few years: The social network has been quietly transitioning from strictly a social network to an all-around online publishing platform. As such, Facebook has opened up new opportunities for businesses that are savvy enough to tap into them.

How About Twitter?

According to Pew Research, 16% of adult internet users report using Twitter (compared with 48% who say they use Facebook and 41% who say they use Instagram). Despite having a smaller audience than other social media platforms, Twitter offers businesses unique advantages that make it well worth considering as part of your search engine optimization strategy. For one thing, Twitter is still working on increasing its profile. So while its total audience isn’t quite as large as some other social media platforms, it has more room to grow.

What about Google+ and LinkedIn?

While we don’t expect these social media giants to dominate organic search traffic at any point in the future, Google+ and LinkedIn are here to stay. They may drop off as #3 and #4 social media platforms, but they’ll be part of a mix of several platforms that will make up total social media marketing in Ferndale.

Will Instagram Succeed as an Outreach Platform for Businesses?

It’s 2018, and businesses have already realized that Instagram is more than just a photo-sharing platform. These days, it’s widely used as a social media marketing tool. It boasts an increasing number of users each day — but will it be effective enough to be a viable social media marketing channel by 2022? Here are some pros and cons to consider



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