5 Big Web Design Predictions For The Future

I. Visual UI Will Become More Interactive

Visitors to a website’s homepage will no longer be limited to purely text-based content. Instead, they will also have access to engaging and interactive visual content, such as images and graphics. This shift toward more visual UI elements is due in part to HTML5, which enables users to interact with different website elements in a way that wasn’t possible before. As designers continue to explore ways of improving user engagement on websites, it is likely that we will see even more interactive visual UI components moving forward.

II. There Will Be Less Text on Websites

People want websites that are easy to navigate and focused on what they came there for. They don’t want to read a wall of text before they can get to their desired information. This concept will become more important as voice recognition and artificial intelligence become more widespread. Websites will feature fewer words, but make it easy for people to easily find what they’re looking for with far fewer clicks. It’s about designing websites for humans, not search engines.

III. More Physical Objects Will Integrate Online

In 5–10 years, many of our daily objects will be connected to the Internet. We’re starting to see that today with wearables like smartwatches and smart glasses. In 2022, I think you’ll find most items will be connected in some way or another.

IV. Data Collection Will Evolve

We’re already seeing a lot of creative ways to collect and visualize data, especially from mobile devices. It’s only going to become more important in years to come. In 2022, expect web designers to be developing tools that will make it easier for people to access their personal information on the go. This could include apps that allow users to track their food intake or health activity through GPS tracking (like Fitbit). There may also be greater integration between social media platforms and websites. For example, Twitter might allow you to check in at your favorite restaurant or store using your Facebook account. That way you can share what you ate with your friends without having to manually update each platform individually!

V. You Will Have The Ability To Communicate with Anything

By 2022, advances in robotics will make it possible for many items we use in our daily lives to be voice-enabled. Your kitchen appliances, from your microwave to your refrigerator, will not only be able to do things like search for recipes and suggest shopping lists; they’ll also speak with you as a natural part of their functions.



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